Because CSS is installed on your system and because we are using your actual data to do actual real world work the training is efficient, addresses your specific needs, and helps to fine tune the installation as we learn more about how you operate your business. There are many times when training on-site is not needed so we will do that remotely - customer adding another store, someone a little familiar with CSS now taking on more responsibility, a store sold to a new owner and the old owner providing the initial training as the transition is made or a different POS systems is installed.


We will do several days of the Dailybook so you know how to use CSS and how the CSS reports relate to your POS system reports. Fuel invoice entry will correspond to the way you receive invoices or price notices and enable monitoring of fuel gallons over/short on a daily basis.


Training is really shaped by your operations. We will enter invoices in a variety of ways applicable to your operations - portable data terminal, from e-mail attachments, and/or manually. We will show you how to handle your supply items and miscellaneous charges. For a physical inventory audit we will show how to do your own if you have portable data terminals or how to utilize the built in CSS capabilities for a third party. Promotional pricing is always important and that will be thoroughly taught.

Accounting Interface

If using an accounting interface actual data will be exported or written directly into the data files of your accounting program. This is very simple. However, our training will help you understand how to better your accounting functions. For example, for many stores, credit card receipts are applied toward fuel invoices and other charges from their oil company. In QuickBooks the oil company EFT can be entered so there is one transaction directly traceable to the EFT. And then the EFT is applied to the applicable fuel invoices that have already come in from the Dailybook.

Month End

Month end closing in CSS is quick and easy. But what is usually very important is the information that gets supplied to others like your accountant. We start with a standard set of reports and then review it with you and/or accountant and then tailor it to better meet your needs.

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