Installation, training and support are critical needs from day one.   At your station installation and training are blended into a system for your specific needs so that you will be productively using CSS from the start.  Continuing support makes sure you use your investment productively and that CSS will be changed as your business changes.
Our goal is to make sure that everything is working and working the way you want it to. CSS is communicating with your POS system.   All items are scanning at your retail price.  Item by item sales are being updated in the inventory.  EDI and paper invoices are being processed.  The Dailybook has complete and accurate sales and accounting data.  Fuel margins are reported correctly.  Accounting interfaces are providing the right data to the right accounts.
Our training is not theoretical on a pretend database.  We are at your site to use your actual data with your actual equipment.  Doing it this way provides an interactive situation where we can see what you actually need or prefer and make instant corrections to our installation. 
Support comes in many forms and many ways.   Sometimes it is a simple telephone call.  Sometimes it is remotely connecting to your PC.  Sometimes it is doing nothing but making sure our web site lets you download the latest update.  Our support is flexible and very reasonably priced.

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