Reduces cashier training costs, margins easily monitored and retail prices adjusted, know which items are selling and not selling,  which ones provide the highest gross profit over any period of time, track shrinkage by item, reduce carrying costs and make re-ordering more accurate.  With a physical inventory audit know the value of your inventory so that accurate financial statements can be prepared and a large order received at the end of the month does not distort your P & L.

Maintain POS SKUís easily
Change retail prices six ways
Track shrinkage by SKU
Turnover reports by Vendor/Department
Sales history by Department/SKU
Average sales per day by SKU
Electronic receipt of invoices from your general distributor

Inventory Management
Inventory management with scanning on the POS system provides maximum profit and a better customer experience for your non-fuel sales.    
Scanning speeds up the line.  The retail price is not dependent upon the cashierís knowledge so the customer always receives the correct price.  Depending on the POS system all Mix & Match and Combo items may be priced automatically.  Cashiers do not have to remember what is on sale. 
Maximize Profitability
Better Customer Experience

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