Installation is much more than just installing the CSS programs on a PC.   It really is the setup of the system as a whole, coordinating and operating CSS with the POS system, store operations and your general accounting methods.   We share cell phone numbers with many POS techs and work interactively with all of them for a new installation or to solve a problem.  We encourage your accountant to be part of the process and the installation may be the opportune time to update your general accounting methods or chart of accounts.


The Dailybook will be setup to bring in as much data as possible automatically from your POS system.  Data entry for fuel invoices, paid outs, credit cards and cash will be setup specifically for your operations.  For example, taxes on fuel invoices can be calculated automatically from the gallons purchased when only the base cost is entered.  


This is the most time consuming and complex process of the installation.  For most stores we have a third party inventory service come in to build the initial database and then take a physical inventory audit.  This saves many days of work and gets scanning working immediately so time can be spent more productively on tailoring and learning the system.

Promotional priced items, like 20oz soda sold 2 for $2.22, will be setup.   Items will be set for bottle deposits (CRV), food stamps, age restrictions, and sales taxes.  Invoicing will be setup to automatically distribute costs to the correct general ledger accounts.  For, example a Coremark invoice may need to get distributed between costs of goods sold for cigarettes, candy, grocery and snacks.

Part of the inventory installation process includes establishing the communications interface to the POS system.  For direct connections with the CSS this is simple cable or two.  Remote connections to a POS system may be much more complex.

Accounting Interfaces

The actual process varies by accounting program, but in general the chart of accounts will be setup in your accounting program and then synchronized and linked with CSS.  Within CSS the accounts will be assigned as necessary to fuel and non-fuel sales, paid outs, cash over/short, deposits, local credit, fuel invoices, etc.  Accounts will also be assigned to each POS department for invoices and credit memo’s.  Vendors and local credit customers will also be linked to the accounting program.
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