Fuel Management
A margin for each fuel product as well as a weighted average margin is calculated.   Fuel inventory is reconciled daily with the tank monitoring system.   Track competitorís prices. 

Cash Reconciliation
Sales are matched against credit cards, cash, paid outs, and receivables to calculate the daily cash over/short. Non fuel sales as downloaded from the POS are reported versus the reported sales for maximum control.

Monthly Projections and Year over Year Comparisons
Monthly sales projections are made based on the sales so far for the month.  The actual sales are also compared to the same time period sales of last year.              
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Dailybook Day Report.
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Dailybook Projections

Sales are downloaded from the POS system and integrated into the Dailybook.  Detailed data is stored indefinitely so it is possible, for example, to print a fuel sales history over twenty years.  

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