Barcode Scanners

Scanners allow flexibility and efficiency for receiving and taking a physical inventory.  Although a scanner for the POS system is essential, not all businesses really need a scanner for use with the back office.  Read about the trade-offs by clicking on the barcode.     

All devices manufactured by and branded Motorola/Symbol and American Microsystems Ltd.

Cherry Systems has no relationship to or with Cherry, ZF Electronic Systems, Pleasant Prairie, LLC, 11200 88th Avenue, Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158

Portable Data Terminals

Receive vendor deliveries

Take a physical inventory audit

Do price checks and make price changes on the sales floor

BackOffice PC Scanner

Scan the item instead of typing in the numbers.
Connects to any available USB port.

PDT  -  AML LDX10 Data Sheet
M5900 Data Sheet
M5900 Accessry
Motorola MC3000 Data Sheet
MC1000 Data Sheet
Back Office Scanner LS2208 Data Sheet

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