About the Knowledgebase


The knowledgebase (KB) is a supplement and not a replacement to the CSS User Manual Daily
. It is an additional tool to assist in using CSS to operate and manage your store. It is
searchable and consists of five main sections:


This contains articles of
How To's, Troubleshooting, and Answers to many technical details that could
not be included in the CSS Operations Manual. The CSS Program Update History is located here and now becomes searchable also.
The Quick Reference is ideal for those with some knowledge of CSS, such as new users needing a little guidance or experienced users performing a seldom done task such as adding a new department.

Any article may be printed, exported to a pdf file, or e-mailed.


This contains announcements of CSS updates and anything else of general or immediate importance to
our customer database. You may subscribe to this and receive an e-mail for each new news article.


Many terms in the Glossary need no explanation to an experienced operator but there are also many
computer oriented terms that may not be so familiar. When viewing articles, any term in the Glossary will
display in red with a grey background. You may click on it to display the definition.

Ask a Question

Please use this section to:

   * Ask a support question that does not need immediate resolution
   * Recommend a new article for this knowledgebase
   * Correct an article or provide an alternate way to solve a problem
   * Suggest a new feature or function you would like for CSS. These will be added in a separate
     section of the knowledgebase and made available for everyone to view. Even if the same or a
     similar suggestion exists your twist on it is important and by multiple requests helps prioritize what
     is most important. Your name nor the store name will be used in the public posting.


Files are included here. For example sample forms to transfer a CSS license to a new owner, provide
sample files for a third party inventory service, more in depth documents than the knowledgebase articles
and much more.

Other Information


Registration is required for three reasons. Those paying for support should not be subsidizing those not
paying. Respecting your privacy is paramount so this is a pure Opt In web page. For some of our
customers we have no e-mail address and for some we have multiple e-mail addresses. So registration
will allow you to specify the preferred e-mail address.

Each person in your organization may specify their own e-mail address but each must register and be approved by Cherry Systems individually.

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Each user may update their profile, for example name and e-mail. This can also be used to unsubscribe
from news or articles.

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